Contextual Sync

An open source, real-time, continuous data sync service for web, IoT, and mobile.

Syncs any JSON data across multiple clients in real time, with an integrated data store.


Access Controls

Simple access controls allow you to easily set who can read and write, keeping your data safe.

Push, Not Pull

Continuously pushes new updates to clients, instead of relying on clients to query for changes.

Local Storage

Work offline, read and write, and have data automatically sync the next time you’re connected.

Open Source

Works on any platform and has a community of supporters, so you can build your app with flexibility and without vendor lock-in.

Together Stream

Powered by Contextual Sync, Together Stream is an open source social and synchronized streaming experience that allows you to stream content with others in real time. The stream host has full control to choose, pause, and skip any video in the queue—synchronizing playback immediately with participants’ devices. Streams can be accessed on both the iOS app and web.

Example: Chat App

Learn how Contextual Sync works by seeing it integrated into an example chat app. The messages are synced across multiple devices, access controls permit creating public and private rooms, and the service maintains authentication information. This app will help you learn how to leverage Contextual Sync for your own use.

Try it out

Check out the code and try out Contextual Sync on Github. Or use your own content to try it out on Bluemix.